The vacuum bag film suction bag is an assembly with exhaust function. Both sides are high-barrier vacuum bag films, which effectively prevent the gas that has been drawn into the suction bag from leaking into the perfusion system during the pumping process. A diversion net is used in the middle to facilitate gas conduction, which quickly exhausts the gas in the system to form a vacuum state. This product is suitable for vacuum infusion molding process. It can draw out the air evenly and quickly and prevent the loss of resin. It is especially recommended to be used in the blade production process.

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FeatureClaimTesting method
ColourGreen/light yellowVisually
Width (mm)Vacuum bag film (100~400)GB/T 4666-2009
Diversion net (100~400)
Rubber strip width (cm)1.0±0.3 Steel ruler

Thickness of rubber strip (mm)

1.0±0.4 Calipers
Temperature resistance (℃)≥120

120℃, 30min, visually check whether there is obvious deformation

Note: The specifications and width of the vacuum bag film and the guide net can be customized according to customer requirements.


The products should be stored in a ventilated, dry, and clean warehouse, stacked neatly, without squeezing deformation or damage to the assembly, no less than 2 meters away from the heat source, and no more than two years of storage.


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