Make good use of new energy to fight the blue sky to defend the war

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"Promote the use of clean energy vehicles" ... ... In this year's government work report, the new energy on the expression of many appearances.

"Playing blue sky to defend the war" is tough fight is a protracted war, good use of new energy is undoubtedly an important strategic tactics. Imagine the future, a new energy "driven" the family will live on what kind of new life? What confusion and obstacles?

Look at the new energy family parents "small new" how to think, listen to the two representatives on behalf of how to say.

"Coal to electricity," after the use of "clean electricity"?

[Small new hope]

Early spring this year, I bid farewell to the bulk of coal heating, spent on the warm film, over the heating "coal to electricity" day. Coal to electricity, the heating costs are much higher, if you can use clean electricity, cheap electricity, it would be better!

【status quo】

Reporters learned that, due to the higher cost of coal to electricity, some residents in the winter during the winter heating is still "coal, electric double track", and in the wind power photovoltaic power generation and other areas of more concentrated energy, abandoned serious. CPPCC National Committee members Shi Yubo said that in 2016 China's abandoned water, abandoned the wind, abandoned light reached 130 billion kwh, more than a province of the province's electricity consumption.

"Dry coal in winter is an important source of heavy pollution." CPPCC National Committee members of the CPPCC Agricultural Committee Director Yang Yucheng said, how to reduce and gradually stop the heating of coal, with adequate use of wind power, photoelectric cleaning Energy heating, should cause a high degree of attention.

[On behalf of members]

Some representatives of the members said in an interview, in addition to increase policy support, through the special fund, the establishment of the whole society to share the cost mechanism to speed up the "coal to electricity" implementation, but also should solve the "clean electricity" and networking problems. Yang Yucheng proposal, the National Development and Reform Commission, the National Energy Board clear to wind power, photovoltaic heating application price, the introduction of wind power, photovoltaic heating subsidies policy.

Standing Committee of the CPPCC National Committee, Zhengtai Group Chairman Nan Cunhui suggested that as soon as possible the introduction of "renewable energy power quota management approach", clear power grid companies must give priority to the full acquisition of non-hydro renewable energy, by the local government bear the obligation to absorb quotas, The development of assessment system and reward and punishment system, and through economic penalties and other related measures to protect the implementation of quota system in place.

Roof small power station, can the electricity "save" up?

[Small new hope]

I drift in Beijing, home in northern Zhejiang rural areas. Home roof of the sun facing the 8 pieces of photovoltaic panels, the sun, the meter on the number of beating constantly, from the light energy from the energy into the home.

8 pieces of photovoltaic film can generate 2000 years a year, and a family of electricity consumption is only 1200 degrees a year. Unfortunately, the daytime power grid can only accept a part of the evening and not use solar energy, if the electricity can be saved like a good!

【status quo】

Unlike large-scale, centralized solar power stations, distributed photovoltaic due to local consumption is more convenient and quick, has become a major direction for the development of clean energy. National Development and Reform Commission, the National Energy Board issued the "power development" thirteen five "plan (2016 - 2020)" proposed "three five" period, the distributed photovoltaic power generation to reach more than 60 million kilowatts installed capacity, Nearly ten times the size of the scale.

[On behalf of members]

"The new energy industry to promote the supply side of the reform, from the past to the scale of development to the development of distributed, in urban areas, urban roof solar energy, fish pond solar energy, greenhouse solar energy equipment construction." National People's Congress, the new energy investment Holding Group Chairman Zhang Chuanwei said.

"With the rapid development of distributed energy and energy storage technology, the rapid decline in costs, this energy solution has been large-scale development of the conditions." CPPCC National Committee members Li Xiaolin suggested that the introduction of incentives to promote demonstration projects to promote the distributed Energy and energy storage large-scale development, the new energy into zero, deep into the tens of thousands of households.

Travel electric car, can not rest assured that the road?

[Small new hope]

Automobile exhaust is caused by haze "culprit" one. In order to personally participate in the "blue sky to defend the war", I changed the car into an electric car. Can this electric car to run up, worry a lot: life mileage is not enough, the number of charge pile, the road in order to save power also did not dare to open air - winter jacket, summer wind. Electric car, when can unimpeded, rest assured on the road?

【status quo】

"A lot of electric car users have been worried about the new energy vehicles from the original product itself, to worry about how can not charge, where to charge, charge a power run how long the problem." Charging pile operators, Zhejiang Wanma United New Energy Investment Co., Ltd. Manager Shi Ze said.

At present, China has more to promote the construction of charging facilities. Beijing, Shanghai electric car charging the average service radius has been reduced to 5 km, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and other cities of the public charging network is also rapidly layout, toward the "5 km" era to accelerate the goal, Zhejiang has been in the province on the highway to achieve the charge Facilities "full coverage".

[On behalf of members]

CPPCC National Committee members Zhao Guangyu proposed to further improve the charging facilities standard system. According to the requirements of national and industry standards, unified charging interface, enhance the versatility and openness of charging facilities, and establish a unified national charging facilities interoperability intelligent service platform to facilitate the electric car travel.